7 Safety Tips for Wearing Coloured Contacts

Are you about to perform in a play or attend a costume party and need to dress up? To make your look more believable and appealing, maybe you need to buy a pair of coloured contact lenses! Whether you have great vision or are short-sighted, you can still wear coloured contact lenses. But how well do you understand how to use these contacts?

When wearing coloured contacts, you should take the same precautions you would with conventional contact lenses. Here are 7 safety tips for wearing colour lenses!

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1. Get Your Eyes Checked

You should take colour contact lenses seriously, they are not toys but rather medical devices. If your contact lenses are excessively tight or the curve is too small, it might scrape and irritate your eyes. As with any other contact lens, there is a fitting procedure. If you skip this procedure, you risk corneal scrapes, corneal infections, pinkeye, and impaired vision or blindness.

An eye exam from the optometrist will not only allow you to be fitted for contacts, but it will also reveal any underlying abnormalities. Your optometrist can then advise you on how to use contacts safely or if they should be worn at all. They may also educate you on how to care for your contacts correctly to reduce the risk of infections.

2. Get Your Prescription!

When you see your optometrist, they will provide you with a proper prescription, which you may enter onto a reliable contact lens website to complete your order. If you want to prevent your eyes from suffering, acquire a prescription before shopping for coloured contacts online. Even if you don’t need any power for your lenses, you still need a prescription for your base curve and the diameter of your eyes.

3. Find a Trustworthy Retailer

Use caution when buying contact lenses from retailers. You may find lots of colour contact lenses all over the place. The main issue with these colour lenses from an unknown brand is that they are often ‘one-size-fits-all’. However, as we know, not all eyes are the same. Here's a list of places we recommend steering clear of when buying contact lenses:

-Vendors on the street
-Cosmetics shops
-Flea markets
-Halloween/novelty retailers
-Convenience stores

The good news is that coloured contacts are available from Quicklens - a reliable online retailer with 20+ years of history in professionally selling contact lenses. Our group companies have supplied lenses to over 4.6 million customers in the Asian, American, Canadian and Oceania markets since 2003. You can buy with confidence from us as we aim to please all of our valued customers.

4. Don’t Share Your Lenses with Other People

Keep in mind that your lenses should be correctly fitted to your eyes. If you let your friend wear them, they will most likely not fit. Scratches, lack of oxygen, and general discomfort can result from this.

Aside from that, exchanging contact lenses with your friends can be unhygienic. Swapping lenses, even if they have no power, can impair both people's eyes. Your friend, and vice versa could get germs in your eyes.

5. Dispose Lenses Based on the Expiry Date

If you're using coloured contact lenses only for specific events like birthdays or Halloween, daily disposables are ideal. They can be discarded immediately after use, eliminating the need for reuse and making them more hygienic compared to non-disposable contact lenses.

Whether they are daily lenses, fortnightly, or monthly lenses, be sure to remove them at the end of the night. Even if you use fortnightly or monthly lenses for a one-time event, they have a specified expiration period from the time of opening, so it's essential to discard them when the expiration date is reached.

Therefore, if you're using coloured contact lenses exclusively for events, daily lenses are more cost-effective.

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6. Take Care of Your Lenses

You paid lots of money for your contact lenses, so take good care of them. Handle your contacts with clean hands and a sterile solution at all times. Please do not clean contact lenses with tap water. Components contained in tap water may cause lens deformation and discoloration, and if the tap water contains microorganisms or bacteria, there is a risk of developing eye disorders. These care recommendations apply to both standard and coloured contacts. If you do this, you will be able to wear your lenses securely and without concern.

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7. Listen to Specialist Recommendations

You will want to follow all of your optometrist’s orders. This applies not only to cleaning your lenses but also to wearing them. Check-in with your optometrist to see whether everything is ok with your eye health. If it isn't, they'll point you in the appropriate path.

Consult your eye doctor right away if you have any of the following symptoms: redness, persistent discomfort, or a reduction in vision. The problem might be the result of illness or incorrect contact lens usage. Or it could be something more serious that your eye doctor could handle.

Switch Lenses With Care

an image of a model wearing different colour lenses

Coloured contact lenses, as a fashion accessory, not only allow you to change the colour of your eyes but also alter your overall impression. Therefore, skillfully using coloured contacts to express yourself according to your daily mood or special events can be a highly enjoyable experience.

It's ok to buy contact lenses to change the colour of your eyes, but you'll want to do it correctly to avoid harm and infection. Visit your optometrist, obtain a prescription, and ensure that the lenses are properly cared for.

It's all fun and games until you injure yourself or, worse, lose your vision. But you'll be well on your way to a successful cosplay, theatrical production, or enjoyable night out with friends if you follow our seven suggestions!

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