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Maxi View Monthly (6 Pack)

Monthly disposable Contact lenses

Availability : Custom order (Ships in 1-3 weeks)


Some prescriptions out of stock

BC/DIA:8.6/14.0 PWR:-3.75
BC/DIA:8.6/14.0 PWR:-6.00

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Additional Information

Type: Monthly disposable

Packaging: 6 lenses per box

Content: 45% HEMA + GMA + MAA & 55% water

Manufacturer: Spectroflex

Brand: Maxi Eyes

Product Description
Maxi View Monthly is a budget-friendly monthly contact lens that offers built-in UV protection, ensuring your eyes stay shielded from harmful ultraviolet rays.

With its high water content and thin lens design, the lens provides a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience while allowing optimal oxygen flow to your eyes.

Experience the affordability and comfort of Maxi View Monthly (6 lenses, a three-month supply for both eyes) and enjoy wearing your contact lenses with ease!

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