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Air Optix Colors (2 Pack)


Air Optix Colors (2 Pack)

Air Optix Colors (2 Pack)


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Lens Type
  Colored Monthly disposable
Package Details
  2 lenses per box
Material Content
Water Content


Air Optix Colors (2 Pack)

Right Eye
Left Eye

* Availability : Custom Order
This item is currently difficult to source from the manufacturer. In some cases, you may have to wait for more than one month.

Please be aware of this before purchasing.

* If your eyesight is the same in both the right and left eye, you only need to fill in one of the boxes.

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Product Description

Air Optix Colors contact lenses enhance your eyes with an innovative, new design. Unlike other colour contact lenses with colour printed on the lens surface, the colours of Air Optix Colors lenses is inside the lens material. This technology uses advanced lens material allowing for up to 5X more oxygen through the lens than traditional soft contact lenses. A protective layer of moisture is created with the permanent, ultra-smooth surface technology and allows the lenses to resist irritating deposits even after a month of wear.

Air Optix Colors contact lenses are six times more breathable to offer clear vision and consistent comfort while also enhancing your eye style with stunning colours.

Lens Details

  • Type: Coloured monthly disposable lenses.
  • Packaging: 2 Lenses per box.
  • Content: Provides the eyes with 33% of available water content.
  • Manufacturer: Alcon (CIBA Vision)
  • Benefits: Designed to enhance your eye style while providing clear vision and consistent comfort.

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