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AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde for Multifocal (3 Pack)

Monthly disposable Contact lenses | Multifocal

Availability : Custom order (Ships in 1-3 weeks)

Shipping Information: These lenses are custom ordered and may take up to 4 weeks (in rare cases longer) to be dispatched. Please be aware of this before purchasing, and order your lenses well in advance.

Silicone hydrogel
Positive-power lenses (+) are available for multifocal lenses.


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Additional Information

Type: Monthly disposable Multifocal

Packaging: 3 lenses per box

Content: 67% Lotrafilcon B (Silicone hydrogel) & 33% water


Manufacturer: Alcon

Product Description
Are you struggling with presbyopia, the age-related condition that affects near vision? Look no further for the perfect solution than AIR OPTIX Plus HydraGlyde For Multifocal contact lenses!

AIR OPTIX Plus HydraGlyde For Multifocal is a monthly multifocal contact lens featuring Alcon's innovative Precision Profile Design. This advanced lens design seamlessly transitions between near and far vision, providing a clear and comfortable visual experience throughout the day.

In addition, Alcon's HydraGlyde technology ensures your lenses stay moisturized and your eyes remain comfortable, eliminating the common issues of dryness and discomfort associated with contact lens wear. Experience continuous comfort as your eyes stay refreshed all day long. Furthermore, Alcon's SmartShield creates a thin protective layer on the lens surface, shielding against irritating deposits. By reducing deposit buildup, SmartShield Technology ensures consistent comfort while also contributing to clearer vision and overall eye health by keeping the lenses clean and free from debris.

Try AIR OPTIX Plus HydraGlyde For Multifocal (3 lenses, a one and a half-month supply for both eyes) and bid farewell to presbyopia's challenges!
Embrace clear vision and exceptional comfort with these advanced lenses, offering a reliable solution for your multifocal needs.

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