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1 Day Acuvue Define Accent Style 4-Boxes (120 Pack)

Daily disposable Contact lenses | Color

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* This package deal is a set of 4 boxes (2 boxes per eye).


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Additional Information

Type: Daily disposable Colored

Packaging: 30 lenses per box

Content: 42% Etafilcon A & 58% water

Brand: Acuvue

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Product Description
1 Day Acuvue Define with LACREON contact lenses are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by adding depth and greater definition.

These eye-enhancing/circle contact lenses are widely popular in the market.
These lenses create a three-dimensional effect and natural shine by contrasting the coloured portion with the iris. The design takes inspiration from the pattern of the iris, resulting in a natural enlargement of the pupil with a ratio of the whites of the eye to the pupil at 1:2:1.

Incorporating LACREON technology, these lenses contain a moisturizing material that keeps your eyes hydrated, soft, and comfortable throughout the day. They offer excellent oxygen permeability, ensuring your eyes receive sufficient oxygen. Additionally, these lenses provide UV protection. With the Beauty Wrapped in Comfort Technology, the lens material encapsulates the colour pigment, ensuring that the pigment does not directly touch the eyes. This technology provides both comfort and peace of mind during wear.

1 Day Acuvue Define Accent Style offers a subtle enhancement to the natural eye colour.
They delicately accentuate the eyes, preserving a natural impression while adding captivating allure. These lenses feature a transparent iris and a distinct black limbal ring, which enhances depth and definition, resulting in a clear and refined appearance.

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