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Acuvue 2 8-Boxes (48 Pack)

* This package deal is a set of 8 boxes (4 boxes per eye).


AU$40.70 perbox

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Additional Information

Type: Fortnightly disposable

Packaging: 6 lenses per box

Content: 42% Etafilcon A & 58% water

Brand: Acuvue

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Product Description
Acuvue 2, part of the Acuvue brand by Johnson & Johnson, is a popular and cost-effective two-week contact lens option.

Acuvue 2 is a fortnightly contact lens known for its thinness, promoting excellent oxygen flow, and its refreshing moisture, boasting a water content of 58% for optimal comfort. These lenses are easily distinguishable with their light blue tint and "123" marking to ensure proper orientation. Additionally, Acuvue 2 lenses provide UV protection for added eye safety.

Buy our bulk 8 boxes package deals of Acuvue 2 (48 lenses, a 12-month supply for both eyes) ) today at an affordable price!

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