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PRECISION1 (30 Pack) is on Sale!! [New Arrival]
New arrival PRECISION1 (30 Pack) is now $36.90!!(usually $38.90).
Precision1 Daily contact lens is designed to provide dependable comfort & ease of handling.
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Shipping fee is now $18.80→$9.90!
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This offer ends on 30/06/2021 (Wed)
Popular CooperVision products are now on BIG sale!
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This offer ends 30 June 2021 (WED).
Acuvue Vita (6 Pack) is on Sale!!
Limited time offer while stocks available! 
Reduced price due to short expiry dates.(Minimum expiry of February 2022 and above.)
The price is $38.90 !!(usually $62.90).
A valid and current prescription from a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist is needed to purchase contact lenses. By agreeing to proceed with the purchase, you warrant that you have a valid and current prescription from a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.